Dropkick Murphys Turn Up the Volume for Organized Labor

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The Dropkick Murphys, a union-friendly punk-rock band, made it a night to remember for working families in Cincinnati, OH.

Major music artists often shy away from putting their name out in front of a political cause, but not so with the Dropkick Murphys, a famous punk-rock band that hasn’t been bashful in their support of organized labor.

A new Machinists News Network video highlights a recent concert the band put on for union members in Cincinnati, OH, where the GOP-led state legislature has been pushing “right-to-work” laws that strip workers of their rights and result in a weaker middle class.

“That’s why we want to jump in the fight and help,” said Dropkick Murphys bass guitarist Ken Casey. “It’s sad to say we’re the underdog from what I see in here, but we want to help change that. We have the ability to have the ear from a lot of young fans. Maybe they’re not from union families or union jobs, but maybe they can vote on the side of common sense and for what is right for everybody.”

IAM Local Lodge 1943 member Mike Creekbaum said he was glad to hear from a friend of labor, especially since their voices have been largely drowned out by state Republicans who are working to drive organized labor out of the state.

“Well we’re definitely not getting it from our Ohio politicians; especially with the ‘right-to-freeload’ laws they’re trying to put in now,” said Creekbaum.

And thanks to a partnership with the Ohio AFL-CIO, Creekbaum and other union members were able to enjoy the show at a discounted price.

“The Dropkick Murphys have your back,” said Casey. “I feel like what’s going on here in the battle for labor is right and just. I believe that if people do the right thing and keep standing up for themselves that it’s infectious, the word will spread and we will do our little part and do what we can.”

Click here to see the Machinists News Network video with clips and interviews from the concert.

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