Eastern Territory Launches New Automotive Organizing Website

Click here to go to the Virtual Garage.
A new website launched by the IAM Eastern Territory, unionmechanic.org, is a “virtual garage” to help automotive professionals organize a union shop where they work.

Scan the above QR code with your smartphone to access unionmechanic.org

A new website launched by the IAM Eastern Territory and designed by Grand Lodge Representative Mark Ward caters specifically to automotive professionals and facilitates their efforts to organize a union shop where they work. The site, unionmechanic.org, is an innovative “Virtual Garage” that contains a variety of information from the types of employers with IAM-represented employees to hands-on tools to get an organizing drive started in non-union shops.

Other resources include ways to research companies, file OSHA complaints, read IAM publications online, get news regarding the industry and read reports on the outlook for the mechanic labor market.

“This website makes it easier than ever for employees from across the industry to organize and improve their workplaces,” said IAM Eastern Territory General Vice President Lynn D. Tucker, Jr. “The site also provides mechanics with reference and training information they can use at their jobs to keep up with industry standards. It virtually puts more tools at their disposal.”

The site has produced 41 automotive leads since it was introduced at the end of June. It is now producing 8.2 leads per month date, is averaging 2500 unique visits per day and steadily growing.

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