Exclusive Union Plus Benefits for IAM Members

Whether fighting for justice on the job, preserving retirement security, or protecting the interests of workers, the IAM is always working hard for you and your family.

But did you know that Union Plus is also working on your side?

As an IAM member, you are entitled to over 30 special benefits and savings that Union Plus offers, including travel and entertainment discounts, legal services and credit counseling.

Here are the top three most popular benefits:

  1. IAM members are eligible to apply for the IAM Union Plus Credit Card, which puts union solidarity in your back pocket.

    The IAM Union Plus Credit Card features exclusive hardship grants to help cardholders in their time of need, providing more than $2.1 million to help union cardholders facing job loss, disability, strike and hospitalization since 2009.

    All grants approved for eligible cardholders are paid by check, and they never have to be paid back.

  2. The Union Plus AT&T wireless 15 percent discount means you can save with the nation’s only unionized wireless carrier on select monthly wireless plans – just because you’re union.

    Additionally, Union Plus Credit Card holders are eligible to receive a $100 rebate on the purchase of a new smartphone from AT&T, as well as up to a $150 rebate when switching from non-union wireless providers.

  3. Over 100,000 union members already enjoy the Union Plus Mortgage program, which provides unique assistance programs, including interest-free loans and grants to help union members make mortgage payments if they are disabled or become unemployed. More than $10.3 million in assistance has been provided to union members.

Learn more about all Union Plus benefits for IAM members at UnionPlus.org.

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