False Claims Abound in Senate Health Care Debate

A Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report released Monday disproves insurance industry claims that the Senate health reform bill would add thousands of dollars to the average family’s insurance bill. The CBO found the legislation would lower out-of-pocket expenses for most people buying insurance.

The findings will prove critical in the contentious debate now underway on the Senate floor. Since Monday, Senators have been addressing a slew of amendments, many of which are designed to weaken the legislation. As Workers Independent News (WIN) radio’s Doug Cunningham reports, two important issues for organized labor is the public option and tax on middle-class health benefits.

“Labor believes taxing working family health benefits is not the way to finance reform,” says Cunningham. “And, New York Senator Chuck Schumer says he believes in the end the Senate will pass health care reform with the public option included, although states may be given the power to opt out.”

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