Fast Track Passed, So What’s Next for the TPP? (VIDEO)

Owen Herrnstadt, Director of the IAM’s Trade and Globalization Department, speaks about the dangers of the secretive TPP trade deal.

So-called Fast Track Trade Authority has passed Congress, but the IAM and all working Americans still have much to be worried about with the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), says Owen Herrnstadt, the IAM’s Director of Trade and Globalization, in a new Machinists News Network video.

WATCH: “The Troubling TPP Trade Deal”

“We stand for fair trade agreements that will benefit workers, not only here in the United States and Canada, but workers throughout the world,” said Herrnstadt.

The IAM opposes the TPP, which links the U.S. with at least a dozen Pacific Rim countries and would further devastate the American manufacturing sector. When NAFTA was implemented, U.S. workers were promised hundreds of thousands of new jobs. The opposite occurred.

Now, after six years of secret negotiations, government bureaucrats and Wall Street powerbrokers tell us the TPP will mean more jobs. They’re wrong.

TAKE ACTION: Tell the U.S. Trade Representative and President Obama that trade deals must work for working people.

“The negotiated text is still being kept from the public,” said Herrnstadt. “When wage rates in Vietnam are as low as a dollar an hour you can see that a company that has no loyalty to its own workforce here in the United States, or in Canada for that matter, can only be too tempted to ship more production overseas.”

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