First IAM Contract Nets Big Raise for North Carolina Military Base Workers

Newly organized civilian workers at Camp Lejeune and Air Station New River in North Carolina will earn 11 percent raises in the first year of their inaugural IAM contract.

Civilian workers at two Marine Corps bases in North Carolina will see 11 percent raises in the first year of their newly ratified IAM contract, reports IAM District 110 Directing Business Representative Anthony Cruz.

The 135 recently organized Facilities Maintenance workers at Camp Lejeune and Air Station New River will also get 2 and 3 percent raises in the second and third years of the contract, respectively, as well as a $1 per hour bump in employer-provided health and welfare benefits during the contract’s first year.

“This first contract improves the lives of our members and their families, and gives them a long sought voice on the job,” said Cruz. “Their solidarity in building membership among the 135 workers went a long way in sending the company a message that they would not settle for less.”

Over 90 members had already signed membership applications when workers sat down with the company to bargain, said Cruz.

“Their collective bargaining agreement and organizing effort is also letting other workers aboard the base know that they too can have a voice,” said Cruz, who noted a campaign is underway with motor transportation mechanics at the base. “I’d like to give a special thanks to Grand Lodge Representative Joe Greaser, who helped with every step of the campaign. District 110 leadership and delegates were solid in their support in resources with this and all organizing efforts.”

“This shows the union difference in the Service Contract arena,” said IAM Southern Territory General Vice President Mark Blondin. “The IAM can negotiate strong contracts that increase the pay and benefits for workers on bases around the nation. Congratulations to the District 110 team for a job well done.”

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