Flight Attendants Resume Dialog on Reserve Issues

Flight Attendants from Continental and United discuss Reserve Flight Attendant issues at the IAM’s second Reserve Summit held at the IAM’s Education Center and IAM Headquarters in Maryland.

More than 20 Flight Attendants from Continental and United came together this week for the IAM’s second Reserve Summit, held at the IAM’s Education and Technology Center in Maryland.

The group of Flight Attendants from across the globe worked with IAM staff to thoroughly evaluate the survey comments that have been submitted from Flight Attendants concerning the Reserve systems at the three pre-merger carriers.

Included among the top issues identified in the survey are: immovable days off; increase monthly pay guarantee; increase call out times; crew rest/duty day and vacation issues.

“It is clear that neither the current Continental, Continental Micronesia or United Reserve systems will work for the combined Flight Attendant group,” said Transportation GVP Robert Roach, Jr. “Something entirely new must be created, and this merger provides a rare opportunity to start from scratch.”

A third Reserve summit is planned for July to continue discussions towards improving the lives of Reserve Flight Attendants at all three carriers. The IAM’s goal is to expand the Reserve working group to as many Flight Attendants as possible. Experience shows that input from the rank and file is essential to negotiating the best contracts in the industry.

“Having an IAM contract means having representation where every employee has a voice,” said Paul Bradely, a 14-year United Flight Attendant. “They listen to everyone’s ideas.”

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