Freedom, Democracy and Equal Opportunity: a Message from IAM International President Brian Bryant

Dear IAM Family,

Today, with all of America, our union celebrates and honors the independence of our nation. Earlier this week, on June 1, we joined our members north of the border to celebrate Canada Day.

On the Fourth of July, the citizens and patriots of our great country dutifully honor the founding values that our union shares, including freedom, democracy, and equal opportunity. Now, more than ever, it is crucial to protect and defend these values that we hold dear, to stand up for each other’s freedoms, and to ensure that democracy thrives in every institution.

Celebrating the birth of our nation unites us all under these timeless and enduring principles that represent the United States and its people. Today, we are all thankful for the privilege to live as citizens of a nation based on freedom and opportunity. Let us never cease to honor those guiding values.

On behalf of myself and the entire IAM Executive Council, we wish you all a safe and happy July Fourth.

In solidarity,

Brian Bryant
IAM International President

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