G.E. Ignored Offers to Save Albuquerque Engine Plant

The IAM this week accused General Electric Aviation with failing to seriously consider viable proposals that would have preserved the G.E. Aviation facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico. “Despite a legal obligation to weigh alternatives, it is clear the decision by G.E. to close this plant was made long ago,” said Ernest “Red” Dow, Local 794 President and Directing Business Representative. “G.E never expressed the slightest interest in proposals or possible partnerships that could have kept this facility open and operating in Albuquerque.”

General Electric announced this week that the plant would close during the third quarter of 2010, with termination of more than 400 long-time employees beginning in July 2010.“Not only did G.E. reject proposals to modernize the current facility, they also refused to consider alternative uses for the facility, including conversion to the development of clean energy products or systems,” said IAM Western Territory Vice President Gary Allen.


The impact of the decision by G.E. to move the work to non-union locations in other states will impact far more than the 400 workers directly employed at the facility. As many as 1,300 area jobs and more than $30 million in annual economic activity are dependant on the facility.“For nearly 40 years, this plant has been successful and profitable for G.E.,” said Dow. “These workers and this community feel utterly betrayed and disgusted with G.E. for this abrupt and self-serving decision.”

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