GE Offshores Green Manufacturing Jobs

In another blow to U.S. working families, General Electric (GE) recently announced plans to create thousands of green manufacturing jobs outside the U.S.

While continuing to decimate jobs here at home, GE says it will be investing $453 million in offshore wind technology in the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden and Germany. The company’s plans call for the sale and manufacturing of turbines in Europe until 2020.

United Kingdom Energy and Climate Secretary of State Ed Miliband boasts that the investment will create thousands of new jobs, while helping “the supply chain flourish, reinforcing the UK as the destination for offshore wind investment.”

The news comes just months after a report showing GE will be using U.S. stimulus funds to manufacture wind turbines in China. This is the same GE that is closing its Albuquerque, NM, facility and eliminating hundreds of jobs, including those of IAM members in Local Lodge 794. GE refused to work with Local 794’s bargaining committee and state and local politicians last summer to see if there was a way to bring green manufacturing to Albuquerque.

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