Georgia Local 625 Discusses Railroad Issues with Congressman

Representatives of Local 625 and District 19 recently held a meeting to discuss issues at CSX with U.S. Rep. Buddy Carter. The idea of this meeting came from Vice President and Local Chairman Pete Gibson at the recent Georgia State Council meeting.

Issues discussed included Precision Scheduled Railroading, forced overtime, excessive discipline and the COVID-19 vaccines.

“At no time in history has it been more apparent that we need to make our voices heard in the political arena than now,” said Gibson.

An in depth discussion about the effects of Precision Scheduled Railroading gave Rep. Carter a chance to understand what our members have been dealing with. Members also had a discussion about a possible vaccine mandate at CSX.

“This was a good opportunity to get our issues out there so that we can find ways to remedy them,” said District 19 Assistant to the President / Directing General Chairman Andrew Sandberg. “It doesn’t matter which side of the isle our Representatives are on, we need to get them involved in our hometowns when possible in an effort to improve conditions for our members. No one can explain our position better than we can and we cannot expect that anyone else will.”

“Engaging elected officials at every level is one of the most vital things we can do,” said Richie Johnsen, IAM Chief of Staff to the International President. “Not just at the federal level, but state and local as well, so that the issues important to our members and their families are understood, and their rights are protected.”

“This demonstrates the important work being done at our Machinists State Councils,” said IAM Transportation Coordinator Edison Fraser. “Without the work of our political arm, this meeting likely wouldn’t have taken place. We are very grateful to Local 625 and District 19 for all they do on behalf of our railroad membership.”

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