Global Support Continues to Grow for IKEA/Swedwood Organizing Campaign

Workers in Europe and as far away as Kuala Lumpar are showing their support for IKEA/Swedwood workers in Danville, VA, in their effort to join the Machinists Union. Click here to see a video of supporters in Germany passing out “I Vote for IKEA/Swedwood Union” cards in an IKEA store and click here to view photos of supporters outside other IKEA stores.

Workers at the IKEA/Swedwood plant in Danville, VA, are scheduled to vote on July 27th on joining the IAM in a National Labor Relations Board representation election. Workers in Danville have been getting support from international unions, including the Building and Woodworkers’ International Union (BWI), who are pressuring IKEA to live up to its own professed standards of corporate conduct to let employees decide to join a union free from management harassment or intimidation. Swedwood is a subsidiary of IKEA.

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