GLR Mike Rose Elected to BWI World Council

Mike Rose

The Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI) has elected IAM Grand Lodge Representative Mike Rose to its World Council, the global union federation’s highest governing body when the World Congress is not in session.

BWI has more than 350 member organizations in 135 countries in the building, building materials, wood, forestry and allied industries. It has a combined membership of more than 12 million workers.

The announcement was made at BWI’s 3rd World Congress in Bangkok, Thailand.    

“The election of GLR Rose to the BWI World Council is clear evidence of the status the IAM has in BWI,” said Bill Street, Chief of Staff of the IAM Woodworkers Department. “Being a small affiliate within BWI, it took support from unions all over the world to make this election possible. I am confident that Mike will carry forward the IAM’s high-profile status within BWI and that IAM Woodworkers will continue to enjoy the advantages that are derived from global solidarity in the forest products sector.”

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