GOP Intensifies Voter Suppression Campaign

November 6th is only two weeks away – which means GOP lawmakers, their super PACS, corporate donors and operatives are pulling out every trick in the book to suppress as many Democratic votes as possible. Experts say voters can expect the dirty tactics to only get worse the closer we get to Election Day.

“On Thursday of last week, Virginia authorities charged a man working for the Republican Party with dumping the voter registration forms of Democrats,” reads an article on “In minority urban areas of Ohio and Wisconsin, an anonymous group has paid Clear Channel (owned in part by Mitt Romney’s former company Bain Capital) to put up billboards proclaiming that ‘Voter Fraud Is a Felony.’ And a Tea Party-affiliated group, True the Vote, is promising to send observers into polling places in Democratic areas, leading Democrats to cry voter intimidation.”

But the real damage came when most people weren’t looking, continues the article. “Republican legislatures over the last few years have passed laws imposing voter ID, cutting back on early voting, and making voter registration harder. These laws seem aimed to modestly suppress Democratic turnout,” writes the author.

As many as 34 states have attempted, or are attempting, to limit voter turnout using such measures – particularly in battleground states like Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania.

If you have not registered to vote in your state, act now. Time is running out. Click here to check the deadline for your state. Additional information on absentee and early voting, polling place hours and locations, and other important details are provided here.

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