Grand Lodge Representative Hughes Appointed to Automotive Coordinator

International President Robert Martinez, Jr. announced the appointment of Grand Lodge Representative Craig Hughes to the position of Automotive Coordinator. The appointment is effective May 1, 2023.

IAM Automotive provides the resources required to meet the growing challenges of rapidly changing and evolving industries. With more than 35,000 members, the IAMAW has a significant presence in the Automotive Sector. This sector represents multiple industries, including generators and power systems, buses, trucking, vehicle delivery services, auto, truck, vehicle repair, and dealerships. IAM Automotive is also laser-focused on the birth of new technologies and fuels, ensuring IAM members continue to set the standard of excellence and craftsmanship of their respective industries.

“Brother Hughes knows what it takes to stand up for our membership,” said Martinez. “The members of the Automotive Department will benefit greatly from the wealth of knowledge and experience he brings. He understands the challenges and opportunities facing the automotive industry.”

Hughes initiated into Boston Local 264 in 1992 as a Mechanic with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA). He became active in the IAM and was elected as a Shop Steward in 1999, and went on to be elected as the Chief Steward in 2005. Along the way, Hughes also served on the Negotiation Committee, District 15 Delegate, and as the President of the New England Conference of Machinists President. In 2011, Hughes was elected to the full time staff position as Local 264 Secretary-Treasurer/Organizer, until he was appointed District 15 Business Representative in 2016.

Hughes was assigned as a Special Representative in March 2017, then progressed to a Grand Lodge Representative until his appointment as International Automotive Coordinator in May 2023.

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