GST Roach Assigns New Responsibilities for Roeper, Shemanski

Maria Roeper
Paul Shemanski

IAM General Secretary-Treasurer Robert Roach, Jr., has appointed Maria Roeper to be IAM Director of Human Resources, effective July 1, 2015. In addition to her human resources responsibilities, Roeper will continue to serve as counsel of the recently-formed IAM Health and Welfare Programs Department.

Roeper served as IAM Assistant General Counsel from 2010 and began directing the Health and Welfare department last year. Prior to her IAM career, she spent three years organizing in the healthcare industry. Additionally, Roeper started the Worker Rights Consortium, an international anti-sweatshop monitoring non-profit organization.

“Maria’s legal expertise and experience make her an excellent choice to manage personnel policies and procedures at IAM Headquarters,” said General Vice President Dora Cervantes. “She has earned our respect and I look forward to her service to our union, its members and staff in this important position.”

Additional responsibilities are also being assigned to Special Assistant to the GST Paul Shemanski, who will work closely with William W. Winpisinger Center Director Chris Wagoner to develop and deploy training programs to help IAM staff and members to better understand the benefits of the IAM National Pension Plan (NPP).

“It would be difficult to list all positions and contributions Paul has provided to this union and its members during his 45-year career, but I’m confident he will excel in this new assignment,” said Cervantes. “The growing assault on defined benefit pension plans requires we that make every effort to ensure our members and representatives fully understand the value of the fully-funded NPP.”

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