Guide Dog Recipient Shares Personal Story as GDA Fund-A-Need Campaign Continues

Teresa Blevins was a Guide Dogs of America volunteer for about 10 years before losing her sight. She now counts on Asia, a GDA-trained guide dog, to help her live independently.

As Guide Dogs of America (GDA) continues its Holiday Fund-A-Need campaign, the IAM’s favorite charity wants to remind supporters of the profound impact a guide dog has on the life of a blind or visually-impaired individual.

The following testimonial is from Teresa Blevins and her guide dog, Asia:

“I lost my sight overnight without any warning at the age of 49. I had a great job as an Administrative Assistant on an Army Helicopter Airfield typing about 70 words per minute. I left work one evening and woke up the next morning virtually blind. The following year was a rollercoaster with little to no sight through numerous surgeries. I have approximately 15 percent sight remaining in one eye on the best of days, in the best of lighting.

“Before losing my sight, I had worked as a GDA volunteer for about 10 years organizing fundraising events. I had never seen a guide team in person but I believed in Guide Dogs of America and their great cause. I never thought I would be the one to receive a guide dog from such a great organization.

“I am now honored to have been given what I feel is the ultimate ‘Gift of Sight’ through the four paws of a guide from GDA. My very life is in the harness and eyes of a guide and my guide’s life is in my left hand. We both recognize this and are a working team in harmony, taking on life’s obstacle course, fully reliant on each other. My guide is my extension to the world, my safety and my companion.

“My guide and I continue to be volunteers for GDA, but in a much different role. We show everyone we meet that you can be independent and mobile with a guide dog. We are a living example of where sponsorships, donations and volunteering of time goes.

“Thank you GDA Family!”

Teresa’s journey began with generous donations like yours. Be a part of the mission to provide independence, companionship, confidence and freedom to visually impaired people throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Show your support by participating in the Holiday Fund-A-Need and get your holiday shopping done at the same time!

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