Health Care Hypocrisy

Many lawmakers who campaigned ferociously against the Obama administration’s health care legislation are far less vocal when it comes to their own government-subsidized health insurance.

According to Americans United for Change (AUC), 21 new GOP members of Congress who opposed heath care reform will become the beneficiaries of a government-subsidized health insurance plan provided to all members of Congress.

As part of their “Drop it or Stop it” campaign, AUC is urging new GOP members of Congress to either drop their government-funded insurance, or stop pushing for repeal of the health care law. Incoming Nevada Republican Rep. Joe Heck, who campaigned against health care reform, became a poster boy for the campaign when he questioned why he had to wait a whole month for his government-sponsored health care coverage to kick in.

“We will continue to document the head-spinning rate with which these new members of Congress reveal their hypocrisy when it comes to opposing government-sponsored health care,” said Americans United spokeswoman Lauren Weiner.

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