Help Available for NASA Workers in the Crosshairs

While the IAM is vigorously working with Congress to fund an active space program, the Membership Services arm of the Retirees, Community, and Membership Services Department is working with District Lodge 166 to assist at-risk members at the Kennedy Space Center.

A District Community Services Committee has been established to help any member in need of assistance if they lose employment due to the curtailment of the Space Shuttle program. The Brevard County Workforce Board has agreed to hire two of our members to act as peer counselors.

The IAM has developed a counseling program to advise members of choices in health care options geared to each individual case. In the works is a program that will identify the current skills of our members on the Shuttle program and what skills are necessary for future NASA programs.

The program includes a consortium, called Space Tech, which will join community colleges, local employers and union representatives who will train our members for any additional skills needed. “We are determined that members who lose their jobs because of the change in space programs will know that their Union did everything possible in their time of need,” said District 166 Directing Business Rep. Johnny Walker.

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