Here We G.R.O.W. Again!

Above, new members of District 725 working for EMI at March ARB rejoice in saying “union yes.”

May growth in the Western Territory blossomed with successful organizing efforts in the following areas:

  • District Lodge 160 in Seattle, Washington, organized 33 workers at Conglobal in Seattle.  Led by DBR Don Hursey, the team at DL 160 continues to G.R.O.W. their district the old-fashined “Fighting Machinists” way – with hard-nosed organizing.  GVP Lee Pearson would like to acknowledge that DL 160 consistently meets or exceeds the IAM organizing target of 250 new workers every year and commends them for the great job they are doing to ensure the union difference in these work places.
  • In California, District Lodge 190 DBR Jim Beno, BR Pedro Mendez and GLR Bobby Martinez continue to bring fairness and justice to workers.  The latest success is a group of service writers employed by Serramonte Dodge-Mitsubishi in Colma, CA, a Sonic Automotive dealership.  The united group of four voted unanimously for the IAM.  Kudos from Territory Organizing Leader Steve Cooper to Brother Mendez for his commitment to organizing.
  • District Lodge 725’s Organizing Director Brian Miller and his team won an election for 35 Service Contract workers at EMI at March Air Reserve Base (ARB) in Southern California.  GVP Pearson acknowledged the 97% margin was an outstanding win for the district and extends his congratulations to P/DBR Gary Holt.
  • Congratulations to GLR Bobby Martinez and his crew for bringing the IAM to L-3 Vertex Aerospace LLC in Yuma, Arizona.  With these efforts, 9 more members will be able to enjoy what the IAM can do for them under the Service Contract Act.

Efforts continue in many other areas around the region as well.  If you have an organizing lead, remember to contact your Local or District Lodge Organizer, or the Western Territory Organizing Lead, Steve Cooper, at


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