Highlights: The Candidates Respond


A critical element of Ohio’s economic turnaround will be providing workers with the skills they need to ensure we continue to attract and grow jobs in Ohio. A Strickland-Fisher Administration will provide the training for skills that companies need to compete.

– Representative Ted Strickland, Ohio Gubernatorial Candidate

To date, the national government has simply refused to tackle the health care crisis head on.  States have increasingly taken matters into their own hands, and Colorado needs to follow their example.  Colorado cannot sacrifice the interests of its citizens to Congessional impasse.

-District Attorney Bill Ritter, Colorado Gubernatorial Candidate

I believe we need a strong and diversified manufacturing base not only as a source of good jobs for American workers but as a means to innovation and growth for the American economy.  We cannot allow ourselves to become a service economy dependent on other countries for manufactured products, because manufacturing leads the way to so many of the technological advances and productivity improvements that are critical to our prosperity. 

-Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski

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