Hindery to McNerney: Tell the Truth

Calling remarks by Boeing CEO Jim McNerney about the recent NLRB complaint, “among the most misleading and disingenuous by a major American CEO ever,” former Tele-Communications CEO Leo Hindery urged McNerney to come clean about his campaign against U.S. labor unions and the workers they represent.

“Jim McNerney’s very public and cynical efforts, however, are just another egregious example of the broad opportunism that many American multinational corporation CEOs have embraced in their continuing efforts to offshore American jobs, cut the wages and benefits of the American workers whose jobs are not being shipped overseas, and, whenever they can, BUST UNIONS,” said Hindery in a recent Huffington Post article.

Hindery also expresses concern over the fact that McNerney currently holds a very senior economic advisory position in the Obama administration as head of the President’s Export Council.  “He (McNerney) holds this position of crucial influence despite the fact that for years he’s been exporting thousands of his American manufacturing jobs to Mexico and China,” said Hindery.

McNerney’s recent public statements are part of a broad and coordinated campaign to bring political pressure on the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and deflect attention from Boeing’s illegal retaliation against workers who exercise their lawful collective bargaining rights.

While the NLRB’s formal complaint against Boeing has triggered howls of outrage from right-wing pundits and politicians, Hindery views the attacks in a larger context: “What’s really going on here is a massive, nation-wide attempt to bust unions in order to further enrich our nation’s multinational corporations. Yet this is happening at precisely the point in time when the United States needs millions more, not millions fewer, union jobs in order to stabilize our middle class,” said Hindery.

“For our country to be ascendant again, American workers everywhere – at Boeing and hundreds of other major corporations – must be treated as the highly skilled, enormously productive and wealth-producing ‘assets’ they are.  We need more union-made quality goods to sell abroad and many more union paychecks producing fair incomes here at home if we are to grow ourselves out of the dismal ongoing jobless recovery we are experiencing.”

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