House Votes to Stall Fast Track

Today, a strong majority in the U.S House of Representatives defeated a provision of the Fast Track package that prevents the bill from moving forward.

In response, IAM International President Tom Buffenbarger issued the following statement:

“Today, a majority of Members of Congress came to their senses and voted against sending the Fast Track bill straight to the President. The IAM applauds those Members who had the courage to stand with American workers who are sick and tired of hollow promises and a corporate agenda that sends their jobs overseas. Further gimmicks by the Speaker to hold a re-vote on today’s failed efforts only reaffirms voter disdain for inside the beltway games.

The IAM will continue to work hard to defeat Fast Track and the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement in the days ahead. We applaud all of those who voted for working families and for restoring the American dream.

In an age of unparalleled corporate power, today’s vote shows that when average Americans join together and make their voices heard, lawmakers must listen.”

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