IAM and UMass-Amherst Announce Graduate Degree Partnership

The IAM’s William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center and the University of Massachusetts (UMass) have announced a partnership program that will make a Master of Science Degree in Labor Studies easily accessible to IAM members who already possess a Bachelor’s degree. The long-standing partnership success the IAM has had with the National Labor College, including nearly 100 IAM members graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree since 2006, helped build the infrastructure needed to provide this type of advanced educational opportunity.

The internationally recognized UMass Labor Center has traditionally offered a Master of Science Degree in Labor Studies for union leaders who were able to attend classes at the Amherst, Massachusetts campus. This new partnership, however, makes it possible for IAM members to complete up to three semesters – half of their degree requirements – at the Winpisinger Center in Hollywood, Maryland prior to transitioning to the Amherst campus. The Master’s program was designed to be completed in three years (36 semester hours) by taking two classes per semester.

Benefits to our members also include the ability to take half of the required course work at the Winpisinger Center (three semester hours awarded per class) in union leadership administration and general labor studies designed to grow and better service our union by building leadership skills in key areas—organizing, political activism, and collective bargaining. This provides a cost effective way for IAM members to enter an advanced labor education program by attending classes in a comfortable and familiar union setting – the Winpisinger Center. And, there are no transportation or room and board costs for IAM members while attending classes at W3.

“This partnership, the first of its kind, significantly expands educational opportunities for our members and future leaders,” said International President Tom Buffenbarger. “It sets the IAM apart as a leader in recognizing that education is a critical part of securing our future. The implementation of this new partnership, scheduled for February 2013, ensures the long-term sustainability of our union.”

For more information the IAM / UMass graduate degree partnership, please contact Winpisinger Education Representative Greg Murray at gmurray@iamaw.org or 301-373-8813.

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