IAM Applauds Las Vegas Taxi Drivers 60-Day Strike Win

The IAM congratulates the taxi drivers of the Industrial, Technical and Professional Employees Union (ITPEU)/OPEIU Local 4873 who won their 60-day strike at Yellow Checker Star Transportation (YCS) in Las Vegas, NV.

“IAM members were proud to stand by our brothers and sisters at ITPEU/OPEIU,” said IAM International President Tom Buffenbarger. “An injustice to one worker is an injustice to all.”

The strike began March 3, 2013, when the company refused to budge on the union’s request for a larger share of the meter revenue and more flexible scheduling.

The new contract resulted in an increase in the drivers’ share of the meter, reinstatement of eligibility for the four-day work week of 12 hours per day and 10-hour per day shifts, and increases in annual bonuses and other benefits. In all, the union negotiated 16 wage and benefit changes to the collective bargaining agreement.

“I’m extremely proud of the fact that we have the loyal support of so many drivers, all of whom are the heart and soul of this struggle,” said OPEIU International President Michael Goodwin.  “These drivers, although enduring a great deal of personal hardship, stood together and proved that through solidarity and collective bargaining, workers can improve their quality of life.”

“The drivers stood strong during a very difficult strike, and now have a contract that brings the 1,800 drivers employed by YCS the respect and dignity they deserve,” said ITPEU/OPEIU Local 4873 President Dennis R. Arrington.

The 60-day strike was reportedly the longest taxi driver strike in Las Vegas history.

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