IAM Automotive Department Joins Industry Discussions at White House

Last week, IAM Automotive Coordinator Craig Hughes attended a White House meeting to discuss advancing the partnerships between organized labor and community colleges.

The National Economic Council hosted the meeting with representatives from the Department of Labor, the Department of Education, leadership from various community colleges, other labor leaders, and the AFL-CIO.

Discussions took place to help better align skills, training and career pathways to industry needs and quality union jobs.

“There are many examples of schools that would make sense to partner with,” said Hughes. “Building partnerships with these schools will open new career pathways to good-paying IAM jobs for people just entering the workforce while growing the IAM Automotive sector. 

IAM Automotive represents over 35,000 members from multiple industries, including generators and power systems, buses, trucking, vehicle delivery services, auto, truck, vehicle repair, and dealerships. 

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