IAM Calls for Hazard Pay and Protection for Federal Employees and Contractors

The IAM is joining nearly 20 U.S. Senators in supporting hazard pay and safety measures for federal employees and contractors.

In a letter sent to the Office of Personnel Management and the Office and Management and Budget, lawmakers call for the administration to address urgent issues federal employees and contractors are facing during the COVID-19 crisis.

Some of the measures mentioned are:

  • Hazard pay: Increases of up to 25 percent.
  • Telework: Any employee or contractor who can perform their work from home should be doing so.
  • Safety leave: Agencies should receive clear criteria to make greater use of safety leave.
  • Adequate PPE and cleaning supplies: All employees and contractors should have everything they need to stay safe on the job.
  • Pay continuity for contractors: Providing pay continuity mitigates the economic fallout from COVID-19 for contractor employees, their families, and surrounding communities.

In addition to encouraging these measures be put in place, the Senators are also asking for the administration to ensure that they are working collaboratively with employees and unions on these matters.  

Read the full letter here.

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