IAM Certified as US Airways Mechanic & Related Representative

August 11, 2006 – The National Mediation Board (NMB) today issued a decision stating that the International Brotherhood of Teamsters have not shown sufficient interest to hold a representation election for Mechanic & Related employees. Therefore, the NMB has certified the Machinists Union as the collective bargaining representative for Mechanic & Related employees of the new US Airways. The NMB’s decision is available here.

District 142 is prepared to immediately begin negotiations with US Airways. Based on the results of a membership survey, the IAM’s goals are to address inequities between the US Airways and America West Mechanic & Related contracts, ensure fair seniority integration, provide the secure IAM National Pension Plan and provide active and furloughed employees with the job opportunities they deserve.

The IAM welcomes all former America West Mechanic & Related employees. Meetings are being scheduled to introduce our newest members to the Machinists Union and provide details about our structure and the services we provide.

Information about negotiations and representation for the former Teamster members will be available in the coming days. Monitor the District 142 website, www.iamdl142.org, for the latest updates.

Determination Of Certification Brief  (Adobe PDF)

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