IAM Dedicates Memorial to Anna Samick

Friends, family and co-workers gathered from across the country to dedicate a room at the William W. Winpisinger Center as a memorial to former Winpisinger Center Instructor and IAM Representative Anna Samick. Samick’s son Michael, right, was one of many to share their memories of Anna. Others who shared stories of Samick’s memorable career included Winpisinger Director Chris Wagoner, left, IAM President Tom Buffenbarger, seated at left, and Eastern Territory Education Representative Donna Perinetti, seated far right.

Friends, family and co-workers gathered at the William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center to dedicate a memorial to Anna Samick, the first female business representative to teach at the Center and one of the IAM’s pioneering female union leaders.

Samick joined the IAM in 1972 when she worked at McGill Manufacturing. She was one of the IAM’s first female Business Representatives after being elected to that post in 1980 at District 72 in LaPorte, Indiana. In 1986 she became the Directing Business Representative and then moved to District 90 as a Business Representative in 1993. Samick joined the Winpisinger Center staff in 1994 and then moved to the Eastern Territory in 1999 as the Territorial Education Representative. Samick retired in June, 2000 and passed away in January, 2003.

Samick’s memorial plaque joins others at the Winpisinger Center honoring prominent leaders in IAM history and Canada’s legendary Tommy Douglas. The room that now bears her name is decorated with reminders of her IAM career, from a photo of her first leadership class to a display of cards arranged in a royal flush, a testament to her renowned prowess at poker playing. “Anna Samick was a pioneer for women in the IAM and an inspiration to all who knew her,” said IAM President Tom Buffenbarger. “She brought a unique spirit of respect, determination and fearlessness to everything she did. It is an honor to put her name in the company of IAM’s great leaders so that her memory will continue to inspire future generations of IAM members.”

“Anna Samick brought to the Winpisinger Center an extraordinary amount of real-world experience in organizing, negotiating, and representing the membership – experience that she freely shared with members in the Leadership and Staff Schools,” said Winpisinger Director Chris Wagoner.  “She touched thousands of lives at the Winpisinger Center and in so doing, strengthened the IAM.  Her life’s work proves that a single, committed, and tenacious individual can make a real difference in the lives of others.”


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