IAM Delegates to Metal Trades Convention Pledge Support to Nationwide Trump Boycott

mtcDonald Trump says union members love him, but the Republican nominee for president isn’t showing any love back.

The real estate mogul is refusing to fairly bargain with workers at the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas. Workers there voted to join UNITE HERE Culinary Union Local 226 in December 2015.

Delegates to the 70th AFL-CIO Metal Trades Department Convention in Las Vegas this week passed a resolution joining a national boycott of Trump properties—hotels, golf courses and more—until the “great negotiator” comes to the bargaining table. More than 30 IAM members served as delegates.

Click here for a list of Trump properties.

“Donald Trump, the self-anointed savior of working people, is showing his true colors by refusing to negotiate with his own employees at his Las Vegas Hotel,” said IAM International President Bob Martinez, chairman of the Metal Trades resolutions committee. “These hard-working men and women are merely seeking the same respect on the job that thousands of other Las Vegas hotel workers get because of a union contract. I encourage all IAM members to join me in taking our money elsewhere until Trump comes to the negotiating table.”

Over 57,000 union workers in Las Vegas have fair wages, job security and good health benefits—in stark contrast to workers at Trump Hotel Las Vegas, where workers are paid about $3 less per hour compared to union workers on the Strip.

Before the union election, Trump Hotel management hired anti-union labor consultants, paying them more than half a million dollars. Alleged offenses include suspensions of employees for union activities, as well as threats and interrogations against union supporters.

“We are here to better ourselves, to better our families, to better our lives,” Jeffrey Wise, a food server at Trump Las Vegas Hotel, told delegates. “I’m going to continue my fight and keep going strong after them.”

Click here to watch Wise’s speech.

The IAM, which represents workers at Department of Energy and shipyard sites across the U.S., has supported the Metal Trades Department for more than 108 years.

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