IAM District 70 Saving Big with MAPP Discount Program

Coleen Suffield, owner of South Seneca Auto Care in Wichita, KS, offers IAM District 70 members discounts on parts and labor through the Machinists Advantage Partnership Program.

Local businesses in Wichita, KS are quickly signing up to become a part of IAM District 70’s Machinists Advantage Partnership Program (MAPP), which provides exclusive discounts and benefits for IAM members in south-central Kansas.

Click here to watch the new Machinists News Network video, “MAPPs Continues Growth.”

In only a year since its inception, MAPP now covers over 200 small businesses offering discounts on everything from dining out and clothes to home repairs and cars. The program is making big strides to save money for the nearly 13,000 IAM members who call Wichita home.

“We are the buying power,” said District 70 member Shaun Junkins. “We’re the ones that go to work, we make good wages, we have good benefits and we’re going to go out and spend our money.”

Larry Moore saved $300 by getting his 2007 Mercury Montego repaired at South Seneca Auto Care in southwest Wichita. Between he and his wife, who’s also an IAM member, they’ve saved more than $1,000 using MAPP this year.

In right-to-work Kansas, where union members aren’t required to pay dues for IAM representation, MAPP serves as a concrete example of how being a union member benefits workers and their communities.

“This is an incentive that helps you explain,” said District 70 member Russell Allen. “This is something you get special just by being a union member.”

Click here to watch the new Machinists News Network video, “MAPPs Continues Growth.”

Click here to visit the MAPP website.

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