IAM Education Rep Murray Completes Doctoral Studies

William Winpisinger Center Education Representative Greg Murray, second from left, received a doctoral degree in human development and education from the George Washington University. From left: GWU faculty member Neal Chalofsky, Murray, GWU faculty members Mike Marquardt and Dave Schwandt, former Winpisinger Center Director James Leslie and former Winpisinger Center Instructor Charlie Micallef.

William W. Winpisinger Education Representative Greg Murray recently completed his doctoral dissertation at the George Washington University in Washington, DC. This accomplishment immediately awards Greg a Ph.D. in human development and education with an emphasis on organizational sustainability.

The focus of Murray’s research was aimed at understanding the types of actions and practices that enable unionized companies to achieve long-term sustainability. The six-year study revealed that when companies approach unions as valued partners rather than adversaries and accept unions as legitimate representatives of employees, they often achieve superior profitability and growth.

Murray’s doctoral success was made possible by the support of IAM International President Tom Buffenbarger, Winpisinger Center Director Chris Wagoner and the center’s administration and support staff. Former Winpisinger Center Director Dr. Jim Leslie, who began teaching at George Washington after retiring from the IAM in 2007, served as a key member of Murray’s dissertation committee. Former Winpisinger Center Instructor Dr. Charles Micallef provided guidance and support throughout the research process.

“Greg’s academic journey exemplifies how a young IAM member can achieve success at the highest academic level when supported by an organization that places a high premium on life-long learning and education,” said Wagoner.

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