IAM Files for Delta/NWA Stores Clerk Election

The IAM has filed an application with the National Mediation Board (NMB) seeking a single carrier ruling for Delta Stores employees.

A single carrier ruling is required before having a union representation election, and a separate ruling must be made for each classification seeking an election. This follows previous applications for Fleet Service (Ramp & Cargo) and Passenger Service/Reservation employees.

Delta will likely agree that they are operating as a single transportation system for Stores workers. Although there is no timeline for the NMB to issue its single carrier determination, this decision is expected to come quickly.

From the date the NMB determines that a single carrier exists, the IAM will have 14 days to present evidence — in the form of signed election request cards from pre-merger Delta employees — that a sufficient number of Delta Stores employees wish to have a union election. Pre-merger Northwest workers do not need to sign an election request card because they are already represented by the IAM.

At the conclusion of the 14-day period, the IAM will submit all valid cards received to the NMB, who will then determine if sufficient interest exists for an election. While there is no specific time frame for the NMB to determine if sufficient interest exists, the IAM expects it will take several weeks.

If pre-merger Delta Stores employees do not demonstrate enough interest by submitting signed election request cards, there will be no Stores election.

Pre-merger Delta employees in the Stores, Fleet Service, Passenger Service/Reservation and Office & Clerical classifications can get an election request card directly from an IAM representative, or by completing an online form at www.IAM4Delta.org, or by calling the IAM Election Hotline at 1-800-998-3554.

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