IAM Flight Attendants Rally for Fair Pay

IAM Flight Attendants picketed against unequal pay for regional cabin crew at Washington National Airport.

Outside the busiest terminals at Washington National Airport, the calls rang out: “No Justice! No Peace!”

IAM Flight Attendants and cabin crew from regional airlines were picketing against a corporate race to the bottom that’s left them with less pay and fewer benefits than their mainline colleagues.

Watch a video from the rally.

View a photo gallery from the rally.

“We want to bring to the forefront how regional Flight Attendants are being forced into a ‘race to the bottom’ situation by companies who are competing to be the lowest bidder for business from the three major airlines,” said IAM Special Representative Sara Gonzales.

While the airline industry is raking in billions, workers at the frontlines of regional airlines are making only a fraction of what their counterparts at mainline airlines earn.

The demonstration was the first of many planned protests by the Regional Flight Attendant Coalition, a coordinated campaign between the IAM and AFA-CWA.

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