IAM Florida Sugar Workers Visit Capitol Hill

IAM Florida Sugar Workers made a visit to Capitol Hill this week to highlight the importance of sugarcane farming to the nation’s economy.

IAM Florida Sugar Workers jobs include every part of the sugarcane farming, milling and refining processes on American soil, including many positions requiring skilled trades, such as machinists and welders.

“Meeting the different representatives and being able to talk to them and understand their point of view and explaining why you’re fighting for something is important,” said William Bland.

There are nearly 122,000 workers throughout the U.S. and the majority of them are in a labor union. Sugarcane farming supports 12,500 jobs in Florida.

“We did a lot of walking, but for a good cause,” said Eddie Garcia. “Putting a face to an issue is important.”

IAM Florida Sugar Workers will continue to advocate for agricultural policies and the use of precision agriculture to continue growing the Florida sugar industry, which accounts for more than a quarter of all U.S.-produced sugar.

“Walking the extra mile to protect our jobs is what we’re doing,” said Mark Thompson. “We learned how uninformed these members of Congress are about our issue. You should never be afraid to speak about something that’s important to you.”

“No land, no future, no job, no home,” said Cornelius Fowler. “They like to put a face to a cause!”

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