IAM Grand Lodge Auditors Update Financial Officer Classes

A group of IAM Grand Lodge Auditors (GLA) met recently at IAM Headquarters to review and bring up to date all course materials for upcoming Financial Officers Classes. The General Secretary-Treasurer’s office provides Financial Officer Training Classes three to four times a year at the Winpisinger Center.

“These classes are taught by our GLA’s who ensure that the financial officers of lodges are given up to date materials and all the tools needed to perform their assigned duties,” said IAM Assistant Secretary Paul Kendall. “Along with classes at the Winpsinger Center, GLA’s reach out to individual lodges for personalized training when needed. This group of individuals work tirelessly to protect the assets of the IAM through training and oversight.”

GLA’s tasked with the review were Francisco Contreras, Cordell Draayers, Mariaelena Fuentes, Linda Seeley and Suzette Trout. GLA’s are also updating tutorials for Bookworks and VLM, along with the Financial Officers Reference Manual. 

The highly skilled and experienced team of IAM Auditors ensure the union’s assets are protected and appropriately disbursed. They provide knowledge and assistance to local and district lodge financial officers to keep all activities per the IAM Constitution and Grand Lodge policies.

Armed with the latest technology and skills, Auditors work in the field and remotely to protect the interests of all IAM members.

“Grand Lodge Auditors serve as guardians of our unions’ finances and assets,” said IAM General Secretary-Treasurer Dora Cervantes. “These classes improve the skills of our local, district, and council officers throughout our great union. IAM Grand Lodge Auditors are committed to helping them protect the interests of our members, assure compliance with federal law, Department of Labor regulations, Grand Lodge policies and the IAM Constitution.”

The next Financial Officers Classes will be held at the Winpisinger Center from October 10-15, 2021 and October 17-22, 2021.

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