IAM Helps Energy Efficiency Workers Get Great First Contract

Southern Territory General Vice President Mark Blondin, second from right in back, and Grand Lodge Representative Dave Porter, right, with new members at KVAR in Daytona Beach.

With the help of the IAM Southern Territory staff, a group of new IAM members negotiated a first contract that includes substantial wage increases and the IAM National Pension Plan.

Workers at KVAR in Daytona Beach, FL manufacture electrical efficiency control devices utilized in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The products reduce energy consumption, minimize electric losses, save consumers up to 15 percent a month on electrical costs and decrease their carbon footprint.

Realizing the value of having a good union relationship as the company expands its industry presence, the employer worked with employees and the IAM to negotiate their first contract within a few days.

“This is a great product and the potential for new job opportunities for new workers is tremendous. This is a very nice first contract,” said Southern Territory General Vice President Mark Blondin. “District 166 DBR Johnny Walker is working with the ownership to discuss future growth, training and partnership with the IAM. Congratulations to Territorial Organizing Leader Dave Porter, DBR Walker and his staff for a job well-done.”

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