IAM Joins Acting Secretary of Labor to Strengthen Workers’ Power and Bargaining Rights

In March, Georgia State Council of Machinists (GSCM) President James Clements (IAM Local 2699) joined U.S. Acting Secretary of Labor Julie Su for an event in Atlanta to highlight the strengths of a diverse workforce and the importance of unions to advance working families.

Su has been touring several states to promote President Biden’s agenda and establish partnerships with unions.

“It’s a privilege to stand alongside Acting Secretary of Labor Julie Su and an esteemed group of community and labor leaders,” said GSCM President James Clements. “This event is not just a gathering but a strong statement of our collective commitment to equity and our dedication to building a stronger, more resilient labor movement.”

Secretary Su held a Q&A session, addressing different topics critical to working Georgians, including wages, worker classification, and legislation passed by the Biden Administration, such as the infrastructure bill, the Inflation Reduction Act, and more.

The event was attended by leaders from various community and labor organizations, including the IAM, IBEW, Teamsters, AFGE, and others.

The Georgia State Council of Machinists has been at the forefront of supporting workers’ rights and has played a crucial role in the ongoing organizing campaign for Delta Air Lines ramp workers. During the event, GSCM was able to ask her to support the organizing efforts as she continues to travel the country. 

5 March 2024 – Atlanta, GA – Acting US Secretary of Labor Julie Su attends a Labor Leaders meeting at the IBEW.
Photo Credit: Department of Labor
Alyson Fligg

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