IAM Joins New Connecticut Manufacturing Initiative

The IAM has joined newly-elected U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT), Gov. Dannel Malloy (D-CT), local business leaders and others in launching a new manufacturing initiative in Connecticut.

Together the groups convened a panel to discuss ways the federal government can help sustain Connecticut’s manufacturing sector.

“We haven’t done a lot in Washington about manufacturing because we’ve been stuck arguing our positions from both the right and left,” said Murphy. “I want to bring both sides together in Connecticut so we can bring both sides together in Washington.”

“Manufacturing is core to Connecticut’s economy,” said John Harrity, President of the Connecticut State Council of Machinists and Director of GrowJobsCT, a coalition aimed at stopping the exodus of manufacturing jobs from the state. “We contribute greatly to the state’s economy with good jobs that pay better than average. Kids can make a career out of these jobs, contribute to the community and raise a family.”

The group is tasked with suggesting bipartisan solutions to issues related to labor, employment law, exports, energy costs, education and diversity in the workplace. It’s expected to submit recommendations to Congress later this year.

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