Introducing IAM Mobile 3.0

Download the IAM Mobile 3.0 Flyer


Welcome to IAM Mobile 3.0 the single app for all devices. This page provides access to the IAM Mobile 3.0 app, here are just some of the features available:

To get IAM Mobile 3.0 on your Android or iOS (Apple) smartphone or tablet device, go to or scan the QR code.

For users of other devices go to or scan the QR code and view the new app as a web app.

For Amazon Kindle users you can use IAM Mobile 3.0 at or by scanning the QR code while we put the finishing touches on your downloadable app – due out shortly.

For other online information, go to the IAM’s web page at

2014 IAM Journal Year End Review

Download IAM Mobile 3.0

View the IAM Journal at

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Copy the html code and paste it into your website where you would like it to appear. With your mouse, left click and hold your mouse key down to select the below text. Once selected, right click your mouse and select copy. Paste the text below into the pages you would like it to appear. That’s it!

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