IAM, Labor Coalition Call on Congress to Protect Patients from Surprise Medical Billing

The IAM joined a coalition of several labor unions and healthcare organizations urging Congress to include comprehensive protections against surprise medical bills from COVID-19 treatment in the next coronavirus relief package.

The coalition sent a letter to congressional leaders expressing that the HEROES Act (H.R. 6800) is a start, but there are still millions of Americans at risk for being strapped with costly medical bills as the pandemic crisis continues. 

“We are increasingly concerned that the Administration’s regulatory changes will only provide a temporary stop-gap from those providers who seek to balance bill COVID-19 patients,” the unions write in the letter. “More importantly, these regulations only apply to providers who voluntarily agree to the terms of payment, leaving many patients exposed unnecessarily to exorbitant charges, even in instances related to COVID-19 care.”

Read the full letter.

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