IAM Launches Delta Organizing Campaign

The IAM unveiled a nationwide campaign to help organize more than 6,000 Ramp Service workers at Delta Air Lines.

“Delta’s ramp workers are turning to the Machinists for our hard won experience at other airlines in crisis,” said Transportation GVP Robert Roach, Jr. “Our record of protecting pensions during the industry’s latest assault on its employees and the fact that the IAM is an established presence at virtually every commercial airport in the United States was not lost on Delta’s workforce.”

“IAM members at United Airlines, US Airways, Northwest Airlines and Aloha Airlines are the only employees at those carriers to successfully negotiate new defined benefit pension plans in the face of bankruptcy-related restructuring,” said Randy Canale, president of IAM District 141. “The IAM has the unique resources and industry experience to guarantee Delta’s Ramp workers a voice in these turbulent times.”

In addition to concerns over mergers, pensions, outsourcing and bankruptcy-related restructuring, Delta’s unrepresented employees have endured unilateral pay cuts, benefit reductions, a frozen pension plan and discipline without the benefit of due process.

“This airline has a history of threatening employees who even whisper the idea of a union, but Delta’s Ramp workers are ready to fight back,” said Roach. “The Machinists Union is prepared to assist the carrier’s other workers seeking the benefits of IAM membership as well.”

More information is available at the IAM – Delta Air Lines organizing website, www.goiamnow.org


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