IAM Launches ‘Lift Us All’ Media Campaign

The IAM this week began airing a series of television and radio ads aimed at raising community awareness and urging a ‘YES!’ vote in the upcoming union elections at Delta Air Lines.

Lifting You, Lifting Me, Lifting Us All  is being broadcast in and around cities served by Delta, including: Atlanta, GA; Memphis, TN; Detroit, MI; Minneapolis, MN; Salt Lake City, UT and New York, NY.

“The elections at Delta are an opportunity for the community to rally behind workers who are fighting to protect their jobs, their rights and their families,” said IAM Transportation General Vice President Robert Roach, Jr. “These radio and TV ads remind Delta workers and their neighbors that this election has great potential to benefit the entire community.”

The union elections for Delta workers come more than two years after Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines merged with Minneapolis-based Northwest Airlines to create the world’s largest carrier. Since then, the IAM campaign has focused on educating workers about their rights as workers and about the importance of voting in the upcoming election.

“The right to vote is among the most valuable benefits of living in a free society,” said Roach. “And the right to a voice at work, especially in such an uncertain and turbulent industry, is why this election matters so much.”

Visit www.iam4delta.org for more information about the IAM campaign at Delta.

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