IAM Launches RallyAround.Us Campaign

With the critical November 7th election just two months away, the IAM launched an innovative ‘RallyAround.Us’     online campaign to galvanize voters in key gubernatorial races in 36 states. “Governors can have a significant impact on economic issues important to our members,” said IP Tom Buffenbarger. “With the ‘RallyAround.Us’ campaign, we’re asking our members and their families to get involved and help elect governors who can make a real difference in our lives, and in our wallets.”

The special ‘RallyAround.Us’  website gives IAM members the chance to add their names to a virtual wall where signers pledge to vote in the November election and hold the politicians they elect accountable.

The ‘RallyAround.Us’  website is part of the JUICE campaign to focus attention on key races for governor. The IAM has identified five pocketbook issues important to Machinists members: Jobs; Utility rates; Insurance premiums; Commuter woes and Educational equity (JUICE).

Log onto ‘RallyAround.Us’  and add your name to its virtual wall. You will be joining thousands of working men and women who pledge to go vote on November 7th for candidates who have the JUICE.


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