IAM Local 264 MBTA Workers Overwhelmingly Ratify Industry-Leading Agreement 

Nearly 450 mechanics, fuelers, and other skilled professionals in International Association of Machinist and Aerospace Workers (IAM) Local 264, serving the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), voted to ratify an industry-leading four-year contract. 

The new agreement, effective through June 30, 2027, not only safeguards current maintenance work but also maintains a minimum fleet size, demonstrating a commitment to job security. The deal also includes substantial wage increases each year, extended paid bereavement leave, and the preservation of the defined-benefit pension plan and retiree health care.

“IAM Local 264 members have been the true definition of Fighting Machinists,” said IAM International President Robert Martinez Jr. “I am extremely proud of IAM District 15 for delivering an industry-leading contract that builds upon the solidarity over the past few years. Today is truly a victory for IAM 264 members and transit workers and riders throughout Massachusetts fighting for the future of public transit.” 

IAM Local 264 successfully fought against privatizing more than 400 IAM Local 264 bus mechanic jobs at the MBTA by the Baker Administration.

The IAM Local 264 commends Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey and her administration for taking the proper steps to tackle the worker shortage and heal wounds from the past administration. Their decisive actions have stopped the deterioration of the MBTA system and positioned the IAM members for a better future.

The recently ratified four-year agreement between IAM Local 264 and the MBTA includes vital highlights, such as:  

  • Substantial wage increases in four consecutive years
  • Introduction of a longevity incentive program
  • Extended bereavement leave covering domestic partners and additional family members,
  • Extended holiday pay on certain major holidays
  • Increase hourly incentive for obtaining certain licenses 
  • Agreement on rehiring retirees with specific conditions to ensure fair compensation and benefits.

These provisions underscore a comprehensive commitment to the workforce’s well-being, workplace flexibility, and financial security.

“I commend this administration for their commitment to rectifying the damage inflicted upon the MBTA during the Baker administration, driven by an ideological agenda,” said IAM District 15 Assistant Directing Business Representative Mike Vartabedian. “This much-needed investment is pivotal to rebuilding and retaining the essential and extremely skilled workers at the MBTA. This contract is one of the many steps this administration is taking to transform the MBTA into a safer, more reliable, and affordable transit system. We are looking forward to continuing working with this administration to bring the MBTA up to the standards this commonwealth deserves.” 

IAM Local 264 celebrates this victory for working families and the communities MBTA serves, solidifying a fair and equitable contract that addresses its members’ essential needs and concerns.

“Congratulations to our members at IAM Local 264 for securing an industry-leading contract and to them in celebrating this administration’s commitment to undoing the damage inflicted on the MBTA in pursuit of an ideology,” said IAM Eastern Territory General Vice President David Sullivan. “Investing in our workforce is the linchpin for rebuilding the MBTA into a safer, more reliable, affordable transit system. Our union looks forward to partnering with the MBTA to ensure a collective effort in achieving these vital improvements for the benefit of all.”

Over the next five years, under its recently proposed Capital Investment Plan, the MBTA wants to inject $9.2 billion into its transit system.

“The mechanics at MBTA are among the best in the nation,” said IAM Automotive Department Director Craig Hughes. “Our members are a critical component of our community infrastructure, and this administration’s dedication to investing in the workforce aligns with our vision for a safer, more reliable, and affordable transit system. IAM Automotive stands ready to collaborate, contributing our expertise to the ongoing efforts toward a better MBTA for everyone who relies on its services.”

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