IAM Local 325 Family Thankful for IAM Disaster Relief Fund

General Chairman Kenny Krause, along with Local Chairman Robert Roush and his wife, recently presented a disaster relief check to IAM Local 325 (District 19) member Jason Woods and his family. 

Woods, who works at Union Pacific Railroad, tragically lost his home to an electrical fire earlier this year. Fortunately, Woods and his family were not present during the fire, and everyone remained unharmed. 

However, they did lose their beloved family pets, a dog and a cat, in the fire. 

“Despite the loss of irreplaceable memories and belongings, I’m extremely grateful for my family’s safety,” said Woods.

Woods expressed his appreciation for Roush’s assistance in handling paperwork and for the support provided by the IAM Disaster Relief Fund, acknowledging the necessity of starting over. 

Currently residing in a modest apartment while their former home is demolished and preparations for rebuilding are made, the Woods Family remains thankful for all the assistance received during this challenging time. Reflecting on the ordeal, Woods hopes that no one else should experience such a tragedy.

“In the spirit of solidarity, we ask you to keep the Woods family in your thoughts and prayers as they embark on the journey to rebuild their lives,” said Krause. 

The IAM Disaster Relief Fund provides assistance in situations where our members and their families endure hardships due to natural disasters. The IAM reacts quickly to these needs before other sources of assistance are available. This is not possible without the support of those who have committed to keeping the IAM Disaster Relief Fund vibrant and healthy.

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