IAM Locals come together before upcoming ULA negotiations

A trio of local lodges from Alabama, Florida and California sent representatives to the William W. Winpisinger Center recently for an intensive week of training in preparation for upcoming contract negotiations with United Launch Alliance (ULA).

Formed in 2006, ULA is a joint venture of Boeing and Lockheed-Martin and employs IAM members of Local 44 in Decatur, AL, Local 2786 at Vandenberg AFB and Local 610 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

The Negotiations Prep Class at the WWW Center provided the IAM committee with training in the areas of bargaining strategies, contract costing, strategic planning and contract labor regulations and law. The committee also received training and guidance from representatives of the IAM’s Strategic Resources Department and IAM Communications Department.

The three-year agreement with United Launch Alliance (ULA) expires in 2018. Opening day for the IAM’s coordinated negotiations with ULA is scheduled for May 2018 in California. The committee’s overall goal is to address members’ key issues and produce a tentative agreement that can be recommended and ratified by members at all three locations.

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