IAM/Lockheed: The Gold Standard in Aerospace

“This is the power of Collective Bargaining in black and white,” said IAM’s Southern Territory General Vice President Mark A. Blondin proudly, holding the final agreement.  “Thousands of Machinists and their families will prosper from this IAM/Lockheed Martin Contract. General wage increases with a ratification bonus, increases to pension,  health care improvements for members and retirees, paid bereavement and additional holidays; this is what a Strong Machinist Contract looks like.”

“I am proud of the hard work and dedication of our negotiating committee,” said IAM’s Western Territory General Vice President Gary Allen.  “These were hard fought negotiations and it wasn’t easy.  At the end of the day the futures of our members, their families, and their communities are stable and secure because of our committee’s resolve and the members’ unity at the bargaining table.” 

After a grueling three months of both non-economic and economic negotiations, the hard work of the IAM/Lockheed Martin Negotiating Team paid off in a contract, fully recommended by the Committee.  The agreement covers more than 4200 Machinists in a variety of locations with the three largest groups coming out of Marietta, GA, Sunnyvale and Palmdale, CA. 

“This is an agreement our Union should be proud to endorse,” said IAM’s Western Territory General Vice President Gary Allen.  “The Fighting Machinists set the standard for quality aerospace contracts and this one is no different.”  

“Throughout my life at the Bargaining Table, I have worked with numerous Negotiating Teams.  And let me tell you – this one put in the work,” said IAM Aerospace Coordinator Jody Bennett.  “There was never a time when a committee member was not speaking up for the Members back home.  Making sure their views and their hearts were first and foremost in the discussion.  I applaud my Brothers and Sisters who sat with me at the table, arm-in-arm, to make sure the voice of the Machinists was heard loud and clear.” 

The Negotiations weren’t always easy as tensions and emotions rode high with each pass across the table.  But that passion, sparked by Members on shop floors across the U.S.A., held the committee accountable to the commitments that were being agreed on. Using social media and direct access to committee members, communication was swift and continuous.  A website at www.iamlockheed.com allowed Machinists an inside look at the daily activities of negotiations.

“I am proud of the work done by the Negotiating Committee and the transparent manner in which it was conducted,” said Blondin.  “I’ve sat at the table many times in my career and it’s a place you must experience firsthand to understand the stress and responsibility that seat holds. Having that direct link to the Members you are representing is something that sets the IAM apart from other unions. We know that we are there to speak for our Machinist Sisters and Brothers and bring home a contract that sets the trajectory for the future of IAM workers in the Aerospace Industry.”

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