IAM Maine Lobsterman to Run for State Senate

IAM Maine Lobstering Union Local 207 President Rock Alley believes that working people need better representation in the State House and is running for senate.

When IAM Maine Lobstering Union (IMLU) Local 207 President Rock Alley decided to run for the State Senate in Maine, he knew it would be an uphill battle. But challenges are nothing new for lobstermen like Alley.

He has been a fisherman for his entire life and has seen how important it is to fight for a stake in Maine’s lobster industry. His union involvement has been a big motivation in his decision to run.

“So much of what dictates the way we earn our living as fishermen happens at the State House,” said Alley. “Fishermen and all working people need more ‘working people’ serving in the legislature.”

Since affiliating with the IAM in 2013, the IMLU has been a force in Maine’s legislature. That spring they successfully lobbied in Augusta, ME to defeat a bill that would have allowed possession of lobsters caught by commercial dragging and passed a law allowing active military service men and women to maintain their lobster licenses while serving their country.

In 2014, Robert Alley, Rock’s cousin and one of his fellow IMLU brothers, was elected to the Maine House of Representatives. He sits on the Marine Resources Committee, which is responsible for nearly every piece of lobstering legislation in the state.

“Our local union, with the help of the IAM, has begun to effectively push back on the assault on our way of life,” said Alley. “Our work in IMLU Local 207 has brought an effective voice to the State House on behalf of lobster fishermen in the state of Maine. It’s time that all working people in this state have an effective voice at the State House and that is why I’m running for the State Senate in Washington County.”

“Who knows the issues that matter to fishermen and their families better than lobstermen?” said IAM Eastern Territory General Vice President Lynn D. Tucker, Jr. “Rocky will be a strong voice for not only the lobstering community, but working men and women all across the state of Maine.

Robert Alley has already proven that union members can and should serve in public office, where they can make a real difference.”

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