IAM Maine Lobstermen Tap into Union Network for Retail Sales

The new direct-order website, Lobster207.com is making news in Maine. IAM Maine Lobstering Union (IAM 207) members’ direct-order website was recently featured in the Portland Press Herald.

The lobsters from Lobster207.com are caught by IAM Local 207 members, sold to their union co-op with union members handling the process, and delivered to your door by a union delivery driver. Sea floor to your door, 100 percent union!

“We have been fighting years for a sustainable fishery here in Maine and now we are fighting for sustainable fishermen for future generations to come,” said IAM Eastern Territory Special Representative Dave Sullivan in the Portland Press Herald. “That means diversifying our business operations, owning as much of the supply chain as possible, and taking advantage of our strengths, working with our union brothers and sisters.”

Check out Lobster207.com and consider placing an order today supporting your IAM union brothers and sisters.

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